Kommunikationstechnik Lackner
Inh. Wolfgang Lackner

Am Kuglberg 14
5120 St. Pantaleon

Tel.: +43 650 237 98 48
Fax: +43 6277 7005-55

Mail: wolfgang@kt-lackner.at

Web: http://www.kt-lackner.at



Commitment to Open Source

TYPO3 was founded on the belief that true open source, community-oriented development can make tools that surpass proprietary solutions. It is free and open to everyone, yet powerful enough for mission-critical commercial use. TYPO3 is an ever-expanding open source project that draws its strength from the imagination and ingenuity of those who use it. You do not have to pay a licensing fee for TYPO3 and you never will—leading to significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) in both the short and long-term.